Greg Illingworth is the latest addition to the Profile team and we’ve got a detailed look at his latest ride along with a Q&A about his new set up. With a custom Mongoose frame spec’d out with Profile parts, according to Greg, in the 20 years he’s been riding, this is the best his bike has ever been!

Sponsors: Mongoose, Monster Energy, Vans, Bell Helmets, Profile Racing

Frame: Mongoose, custom frame (21.2" TT, 13.5" CS, 74.5° HT, 69°ST)
Fork: Eclat Storm
Bars: Tall Order 8.5" (cut down from 28.5" to 27" wide)
Stem: Profile Mulville Push, 53mm reach
Grips: BSD Dan Paley Slims
Barends: BSD
Headset: BSD Integrated
Seatpost: Failure Pivotal
Seat: Profile Logo slim Pivotal
Pedals: Fly Ruben, plastics
Cranks: Profile Column, 22mm
Sprocket: Profile Galaxy, spline drive, (28T)
Chain: BSD Forever
Front Tire: S&M Mainline, 2.4"
Front Wheel: Gsport Birdcage rim, Profile Elite hub, BSD spokes, Profile guard
Rear Tire: Tall Order Wallride, 2.30"
Rear Wheel: Gsport Birdcage rim, Profile Elite Cassette 9T, BSD spokes, Profile guard
Pegs: BSD Paley plastics

Congrats on getting on Profile. You seem like a perfect fit for the brand and their products. Weren't you running Profile stuff for a bit before you officially got on the team?
Thank you so much! I'm incredibly stoked on Profile! After I left Snafu at the end of 2017 I wanted to build my bike up with the parts I've always wanted. Being sponsored is amazing, but sometimes it means not riding all the parts you really want to ride. Source BMX were super helpful in getting my bike dialed. I chose to ride Profile hubs, cranks and sprocket… my bike had never felt better! A few months down the line talks started with Profile to add me to the team.

How does your bike feel with the new additions?
Honestly, this is the best my bike has ever been, and I've been riding for 20 years. The wheels run faster than any other wheels I've ridden and the instant engagement on the cassette feels so good. It's also nice to have the peace of mind that your bike is strong as hell.

Is there one Profile part you're most stoked on?
I think the Elite cassette has made a big difference to how smooth and fast my bike runs. I also really like the spline drive sprocket. I used to break a lot of sprockets at the bolt.

Do you have any trips or projects lined with Profile?
I think there’s something planned for early 2019, but that would be more of a Source crew trip and I'd be representing Profile on that.

Last time we checked up on your bike was back in February and you had
just gotten a new custom Mongoose frame. Other than that sick new grey
paint job, are you still running the same frame?

Yeah it's the same frame I think you saw then. I've been running it since Feb 2018 and I love it.

Since then I also noticed you switched to plastic pegs. Has the nylon grinding experience been all it's cracked to be thus far?
That's a very recent switch up and to be honest, I put them on to try get one clip that required them. The metals just wouldn't work for this specific rail. So at the moment I'm just getting used to them before I go back to the spot and try again. I really, really dislike the way they feel on coping. There is nothing like grinding metal pegs in a bowl. I am, however, looking forward to making less noise at street spots. I don't think they will last too long on my bike.

You've mentioned before about how your bars were one of your favorite parts on your bike. How do the bars you're currently running compare to your old signature bars?
The geometry on these Tall Order bar is very similar to my old ones, so they feel perfect.

Anything else bike related you want to mention that my questions haven't pertained to?
I think we've pretty much covered everything really. Fortunately my frame is custom made and the parts are perfect so there's no need for many modifications.

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