Argentinian shredder Gaspar Guendulain spent two months in LA recently and the dude put in work filming for the 1998 Project, Eighties Bike Co., and more. We caught up with him to get the breakdown on his Eighties Bike Co. / Primo ride.

Frame: Eighties Bike Co. Greyhound, 21"
Fork: Eighties Bike Co. Hot Legs V3
Bars: Eighties Bike Co. Rainbow Bar
Stem: Primo Icon
Grips: Eighties Bike Co. Team
Barends: Eighties Bike Co.
Headset: Primo Churchill
Seatpost: Eighties Bike Co. Tripod
Seat: Eighties Bike Co. Tripod
Pedals: Primo JJ
Cranks: Primo Churchill
Sprocket: Primo Solid
Chain: Primo 510
Front Tire: Primo V Monster
Front Wheel: Primo VS N4FL V2, Primo N4FL V2 front hub, Primo VS rim, Primo plastic guards
Rear Tire: Primo V Monster
Rear Wheel: Primo Freemix wheel, Freemix freecoaster hub, Primo VS rim, Primo plastic guards
Pegs: Primo Binary

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