Words and interview by Fat. Photos by Gabor Vasko.

Danny Josa grew up in Budapest but has spent several years off and on living in various states in the U.S. as an exchange student. He currently lives in Lafayette, Louisiana of all places and is riding every chance he gets. We got a bunch of photos of him at spots all around Louisiana, so we hit him up for a quick “top fives” interview as an introduction to the fun-loving Hungarian.

Danny Josa - Curved Wallride

One of Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s hidden gems; a tight, 90 degree curved wallride.

Name: Danny Josa
Age: 23
Sponsors: Oakley, Nike 6.0, Fundango, Velvart Bike Shop

Top 5 Things About Being In Hungary:
– Family
– Friends
– Food
– Dirt Jumps
– Girls

Top 5 Things About Living In Louisiana:
– School
– Culture
– Weather
– Food
– People

Danny Josa

Danny once said, “My helmet is so comfortable I’d wear it to school if I wouldn’t get made fun of.”

Top 5 Places To Ride In Europe:
– Budapest, Hungary
– Berlin, Germany
– Barcelona, Spain
– Trails, Linz, Austria
– Munich, Germany

Top 5 Places To Ride In The U.S:
– Orlando, Florida
– Austin, Texas
– San Diego, California
– Woodward
– New Orleans, Louisiana

Danny Josa - Rail Hop

Rail hop along the Mississippi, River in New Orleans.

5 Differences Between Budapest And Lafayette:
– Weather
– People
– Culture
– Riding spots
– Language

Danny Josa - Barspin

Barspin in one of Lafayette’s many ditches.

5 Pros You Are Stoked On:
– Sergio Layos
– Bazsi Ivanfi
– Kevin Kiraly
– Garrett Reynolds
– Corey Bohan

Danny Josa - Lookback

Trying to get that Sergio Layos style in Lafayette’s cement bowl with a lookback.

5 Things You Do When Not Riding:
– School
– Snowboarding
– Wakeboarding
– Hanging out with friends.
– Riding my scooter.

Danny Josa - Vert Wall Carve

Carving high up the famous Baton Rouge tranny wall.

Top 5 Things About Going To College:
– Being on campus.
– Learning new things.
– Getting a diploma.
– Meeting new people.
– …so I can stay in the U.S.

Danny Josa - Can-Can Footjam

Stalling a can-can footjam while wearing his school colors.

5 Things You Bring To Every Session:
– My helmet.
– Pads
– Extra shirt.
– Extra socks.
– Tissues

Danny Josa - Walltap

Walltap in another one of Lafayette’s ditches.

Top 5 Favorite Tricks To Do:
– Anything on dirt jumps.
– Air downside whip
– Flair
– Lookback
– 360 No-Hander

Danny Josa - Downside Tailwhip

Kicking one of his favorite tricks in the bown; downside tailwhip.

If you missed it last week, here’s a quick session video of Danny riding a park in Lafayette, Louisiana…