Fly Racing launched their new 2019 Werx Imprint helmet today right before the holiday season kicks off. This is the second rendition of the Werx helmet and it is sporting a new graphic and multiple colorways for the 2019 season. It has been two years since the first Werx was released to the cycling world and it rapidly gained traction. It is the first helmet from the prominent gear company that competed directly with BMX specific full carbon options from Troy Lee Designs.





So what has changed with the 2019 model? Not a ton. This year the team at Fly Racing opted to forgo a non-MIPS version and only offer the new skid lid with the MIPS liner. For those who are not familiar with MIPS, it stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.  The famous yellow insert reduces rotational force when a rider hits their head during a crash. That in turn greatly reduces the opening for concussions to occur. A safety-feature that any serious BMX racer should seek when considering a new helmet. The other changes include a simple rework of colorways as well as a new graphic across the board. Not a huge fan of the Imprint graphic? That is okay! While supply is available, Fly Racing will still be offering the previous Werx models.

At just 950 grams it remains as one of the lightest cycling specific helmets on the market. 18 vents also provide ample room to keep your noggin cool during those brutally hot summer months. The Werx also features one of the best field of view openings I have seen in a cycling helmet. Riders experience almost unobstructed views through their complete peripheral view range. Last and most importantly is the pricing. There are no changes here as the Werx will remain at $449.95 MSRP.

If you are in the market for a new BMX full-face, keep your eyes on this one. Fly Racing should be shipping the new Werx by the end of the month, so it is just in time to make a sweet Christmas list! Until then you can view the full details on the link below…


2019 Fly Racing Werx Imprint Helmet

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