Fly Racing is undoubtedly one of the most iconic gear companies when it comes to BMX racing. They made their debut years ago with the original 208 and 805 gear sets and have since refined their product to some of the best on the market – especially in the moto industry where they constantly fight for the top spot over the iconic Fox head. In BMX though, Fly Racing has ruled the scene for quite some time and based on their new line, plus other goodies in the works, they plan on to continue their dominance for the foreseeable future.

So what is new for 2017? Lets kick it off with the revamped Evolution 2.0 line. This is the top of the line gear for the guys at Fly Racing and after having such killer reviews from last year, it was a no-brainer to throw some new graphic and colorways at it and keep pushing forward. With features like the BOA fitment system, zipper lock, supreme ventilation, and more, the Evo 2.0 gear will be the go to for those wanting the best of the best that Fly offers to their customers.


Barry Nobles gettin' tweaked out in the 2017 Evo 2.0 gear.

Barry Nobles gettin’ tweaked out in the 2017 Evolution 2.0 gear.


Next on the list of 2017 gear is the original lightweight racewear. After creating some of the lightest gear on the market, the team at Fly Racing went to the riders and gathered their feedback to continue building this line as the not just the lightest, but also the most breathable. This gear is perfect for those hot summer days with tons of ventilation and the athletic fit gives you the feeling of the gear flowing with your body rather than hindering your performance. Part of that fit also transfers to the pants where the Fly crew created a 90% stretch panel construction that allows the pants to once again work in sync with your body as your power out of a turn, sky a triple, or manual through the rhythm.


Tommy Zula (middle) & Matt Baisley (right) rocking the 2017 Lite Hydrogen gear.

Tommy Zula (middle) & Matt Baisley (right) rocking the 2017 Lite Hydrogen gear.


Moving down the line we come to the Kinetic line. With two new graphic styles you are going to get the option of going wild and bold, or a little bit more reserved. Nonetheless, both sets bring solid functionality and great durability in a middle of the road price-point. The “Relapse” graphic was inspired by hand drawn concert posters that bring an extremely edgy look to the Fly line. The “Crux” graphic brings in a more tech style look and not as wild, but still is going to keep you looking fresh on race day. The Kinetic line features multi-panel construction for performance, a comfort stretch collar, mesh ventilation, ergonomically shaped knee panels work with all types of braces, and a customizable leg cuff. If you want a mid-level gear that will last all season, check out the Kinetic.


Kinetic Replase (middle) and Kinetic Crux shown here...

Kinetic Relapse (middle) and Kinetic Crux in action

Last, but definitely not least is the F-16 line. This gear has been a staple for quite some time now and once again Fly Racing has brought a great product at an unbelievable price point. For a hundred bucks, you can get set up in a stylish and functional pant and jersey combo. With a new pre-curved fitment, the F-16 will bring a similar feel as you get with the higher end Evolution and Kinetic lines. The F-16 brings sublimated graphics, a comfort stretch collar with stretch ribbing, and a soft and silky polyester construction for a great feel.

Once again the team at Fly Racing has raised the bar with some of the best gear in racing. Whether you are looking for the top of the line and the ultimate riding gear with the Evolution 2.0 or Lite Hydrogen, or you are in need of a budget conscious and durable F-16 setup, Fly Racing has something for everyone in their new lineup. Be sure to check out the photo gallery for additional gear photos, including the complete line of 2017 Fly Racing helmets. To view the entire lineup, other colorways, sizing, and price information please visit


Photos by: Matt Ware/Fly Racing