Press Release:

After lots of thinking and many prototypes, we have received the final design for the Uno seat.

For almost a year we have been trying to solve the problem on the post moving when tightening the clamp. We tried lots of diferent materials. Everything available. But no matter how hard they were, the problem was still there. We didn´t want to just use a tube sleeve that will not only break the one piece seat concept, but also may create movement
between the seat and post so it made it really hard to achieve.

Checking the marks when we tight the seat, we realized that there are two areas where most of the pressure. That´s on the sides and close to the clamp bolt. So we came with the idea of using two aluminum plates in those places and it worked!

The inside tube gives an extra strength to the whole seat and also prevents the plates and post from squeezing.

Now is time for some testing and if everything  goes fine, we´ll start production to have them avialble around September.

The weight is only 260grs. / 9.1oz. And you will have it in black, white, red, purple, and rubber.

Hope you like it!