Every once in awhile a jam comes along that reminds everyone why they love BMX. For earlier generations it might’ve been the BS Comps, 2Hip’s Meet The Street, Roots Jams, La Revs or the FBM Ghetto Comps. These jams proved that when a likeminded group of people come together with no other intentions than having good times on bikes, the good times will roll. Its these types of events that truly keep the lifeblood of BMX flowing. With a vacancy created by the now defunct Texas Toast, BMX was in need of the next best thing and Trey Jones stepped up to give it to us.

From the very idea of putting the jam on to the construction of the ramps, if shit’s gonna get done, sometimes you just gotta do it yourself. In the month leading up, Trey and the local crew put together one of the most amazingly random pieces of BMX heaven, complete with a full set of dirt jumps, a 72ft. long Subrosa rail over a lake and a couple hundred pallets worth of ramps.

The day itself was loose from beginning to end. It was the perfect mix of riding, antics and just plain ol’ good times; the kind of day you just look around and try to take in everything thats going on. Over a thousand people were crawling the property at all hours and there didn’t seem to be a point during the day when people weren’t riding and at night when people weren’t partying.

Huge shoutout to Trey for putting this thing together, Jeff Hunnicutt for hosting the jam and letting hundreds of people to camp on his land, all the locals who helped build and the over a thousand people who came out. This was one for the books and we can only hope Swamp Fest returns in the coming years!