Austin Augie is a dude who bounced around a lot of different BMX scenes but ultimately found his own path when he scored a modeling gig, bought camera / computer gear with the money he made, and moved to NYC to start his Vlogging career. Fit recently caught up with Austin to get the full scoop on how Austin’s life made this dramatic shift and it’s a pretty inspiring story. Angie went from sitting wasting away in a bar in LA, spending all of his money partying, to living a life full of joy, doing exactly what he wants, and feeling like a part of the BMX community now more than ever!

Today we’re launching a new segment where you get to know our riders a little better. I don’t think we could have kicked it off any better than with wild man/youtube sensation Austin Aughinbaugh. Listen while Austin explains everything from how he saved up to move to Cali to modeling in New York city. Subscribe and stay tuned to Fit caught up with the rest of the team! – Fit

Video by Tony Malouf