Press Release:

Here’s how to win. Submit a picture. Any picture to [email protected], with MANKIND CONTEST as the subject. The picture must have a Mankind logo or product visible in the photo. It can be a T-shirt, a bar end, hell you can spraypaint your little brother with the MK logo. No photoshops. This must be an untouched photograph.  Entries will be accepted through April 4th. The Mankind team will pick the winner.  Tattoos, pictures of your girlfriend, and fire are all encouraged. Good luck!!!

Up for grabs:
Mankind Forward Signature Jeff K Frame 20.8
Mankind Forward Forks
Mankind Forward Bars
Mankind Archangel Stem
Mankind Asadi Grips
Mankind Respect sprocket
Mankind Royal Seat (Pivotal)
Mankind Pivotal Post
Shadow Hubs, rims, and tires
Snafu Mayweather cranks
Odyssey plastic pedals.