Name: Edward William Cleveland
Age: 23 years young
Location: LA to the Bay
Sponsors: Lotek, Fit, Fremont, Goods BMX, Baygame, Coast.

Eddie Cleveland Bike Check

Frame: Fit Eddie prototype 21.25″
Fork: Fit Blade
Bars: Fit Sky High
Stem: Fit—not the limp one.
Grips: Fit Eddie
Barends: plugs
Headset: FSA
Seat: Fit Pivotal sample
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolts, 175mm
Sprocket: Fit sample
Chain: Shadow
Brakes: Lotek
Front Tire: Fit F.A.F 2.25″
Front Wheel: G-Sport hub and rim, 36-hole.
Rear Tire: Revenge Fatty 2.10″
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Vandero, 36-hole
Pedals: Odyssey PCs


Describe your bike.
It's a simple machine, built to shralp.

How often do you work on your bike?
Never really, it kinda fixes itself.

Rear tires and pedals.