Photos/Q&A by Justen Soule

Name: Drew Bezanson
Age: 22
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165
Sponsors: Red Bull, Fox, Toyota, DK bicycles, The Shadow Conspiracy, Skull Candy, POC Helmets, Ethika, Equalibryum, Ryder Distribution

Frame: DK Team Frame, 20.75″ top tube
Fork: DK Alpha
Bars: DK Stigma, 8-5/8″ tall
Stem: The Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Front Load
Grips: The Shadow Conspiracy Thirteen, flangeless
Bar ends: The Shadow Conspiracy Nylon
Headset: The Shadow Conspiracy Corvus
Brake lever: The Shadow Conspiracy Drew Bezanson Signature (prototype)
Cables: The Shadow Conspiracy “straight cables on the bottom”
Brakes: The Shadow Conspiracy Drew Bezanson Signature (prototype)
Detangler: Odyssey GTX-S
Seatpost: The Shadow Conspiracy, Pivitol
Seat: The Shadow Conspiracy Pivitol Slimmer
Seat clamp: The Shadow Conspiracy Alfred
Cranks: DK Social, 170mm
Bottom Bracket: The Shadow Conspiracy Corvus, Spanish
Sprocket: The Shadow Conspiracy Ravager, 28-tooth
Chain: The Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2, half-link
Front tire: The Shadow Conspiracy Overtaker, 20″ x 2.25″
Front wheel: The Shadow Conspiracy Stun, DK double-butted spokes, Shadow Raptor hub
Rear tire: The Shadow Conspiracy Overtaker, 20″ x  2.25″
Rear wheel: The Shadow Conspiracy Stun, DK double-butted spokes, Shadow Raptor hub, left side drive, 9-tooth
Pedals: The Shadow Conspiracy Ravager, plastic
Hub guard: The Shadow Conspiracy Rear Hub Guard
Pegs: DK Aluminum Park


Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel.
I just like my bike to not make any noises and the brakes to feel good.

What part are you the most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?
I'm particular about my brakes and how they feel. If my brakes don't feel good it just makes my whole bike feel not right. 

I don't do that much to my bikes. I still cut my bars and axles a bit, but other than that just everything straight out of the box.

You have a signature brake lever in the works with The Shadow Conspiracy. Could you give us a rundown of the new lever's design?
I'm really excited about my new Shadow lever, it feels so good. I pretty much just sat down with them and took what I liked from all the levers I've run over the years and put them all into one lever.

Do you remember your first "real" BMX bike?
Of course I remember my first real BMX bike. It was a GT Fly that I saved up for months and months to get.

Do you normally build up a whole new bike from the ground up, or do you just replace parts as needed?
I usually like to build up a full new bike but then just change parts as I need to on them.

You've been out injured for the last few months. What exactly happened?
I was over in Iraq doing shows for the US troops and I just missed my hand on a 10ft quarter and ended up having four points of hemorrhaging on the left frontal lobe of my brain.

A head injury is a serious thing. How did the recovery process compare to other injuries in the past?
The recovery process for a head injury is very frustrating compared to other injures. With almost every other kind of injury the time period is known and with a head injury they are all different and it just takes time.

What have you been up to during your time off the bike?
For a while there I was literally just sleeping and resting, but when I started to feel slightly better I was able to start easing back into things. The whole month of November I was in Ontario going to a clinic three times a week for rehab. Then every other day I was building new ramps at Joyride to ride when I was able.

Do you have any plans now that you're back on the bike?
It's almost Christmastime so I will be headed home for a bit. I already filmed one new web video and I plan on working on a few other ones before I go home for Christmas.

Any final statements or words of wisdom?
It's a marathon, not a race. If you have an injury, take the time to let it heal properly—especially if it's a head injury. In the end it will allow you to be on your bike for much longer.

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