We decided it was time for DK to offer a competitively priced flight bike bag with all of the functionality needed for traveling riders. The DK team is traveling all over the world nowadays, and nothing is worse than a difficult to manage bag, or getting charged an extra fee for traveling with your bike.

DK Golf Bag


Why DK Golf?
The concept behind the "DK Golf 4130 Flight Series" graphic embroidery is inspired by airline regulations and a way to evade the standard $125 USD charge for flying with a "bike." Well, now you'll be flying with "golf clubs," and all airlines allow golf clubs to be checked as a standard bag completely free of charge (or standard bag regulation fee).

Your new DK "Golf" Flight Bag will pay itself off on your very first flight, as it retails for $119.99, and to fly one time with your bike will run you $125! This is less than half the price of more expensive and clumsy flight bags.

The DK Flight Bag's flat back design, durable rollers, and several sturdy handles make it perfect for airline transport and uniquely identifiable. Two heavy-duty internal straps and padding ensure your bike is not going to show up with massive dents and half it's paint missing.

The DK Flight Bag will hold up to a 24" cruiser complete bike, or even a full set of golf clubs. Save yourself the extra $125 fee at check in, and let your new "clubs" do the talking!

Available now in the U.S. through your local bike shop or mail order. Dealers contact System Cycle.