Dave Sauvageau has been a supporter of Ride for a while now and a year and a half ago he made a DIY wedge seat post. Well, great minds obviously think alike since Animal is now producing a similar product, but if you don’t have the cash to shell out at the bike shop you may be able to make your own wedge post at home using Dave’s instructions.

“I have used this mod for over a year and I am really impressed with it. I made it before the other companies came out with the compete wedge post. I believe my method is better because if you ever want to go back to using your seatpost clamp, you can remove the bolt and wedge and run it like a standard pivotal post.  I recommend you use the post slammed in your frame. You can make your own wedge post with less than $5 and a little labor.”
– Text and photos by Dave Sauvageau.

The parts you will need:
1. Pivotal seat post
2. Pivotal seat
3. Bolt and wedge from a quill stem used on old road and mountain bikes
4. 6mm Allen wrench

Gather all the parts you will need. First, I located the bolt and wedge at my local bike shop. The bolt and wedge come in a quill stem replacement kit. You may also be able to find the bolt and wedge in an old quill stem from a road or mountain bike. Make sure the bolt is long enough to go through the seat and a good way into the post as you will see later in this tutorial.

Next I took my old pivotal post and cut it at the same angle as the wedge. I used a hacksaw to cut it, then filed down the rough edges with a wire brush. Make sure the angled surface is clean and smooth. Also I made sure the bolt would be long enough by taking my old bolt out of my seat and replacing it with the one that comes in the kit. I then laid it next to my post and marked where the bolt ended. This ensures correct placement of the wedge when you tighten it.

This shows the correct angle on the wedge and post and how they will eventually fit together. The hard part is over!

Next I removed the old bolt from the seat and replaced it with the long one from the kit. The bolt should be skinny enough to go through the threaded area in the post.

Next, insert the bolt into the post. Thread the wedge onto the bolt and tighten slightly with the 6mm. allen wrench.

The custom seatpost mod is now done! Grease the wedge faces as well as the post itself. Insert the post into your frame and tighten.

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