The Delta squad over in Croatia hit us with a link to their new mixtape that is packed with footage filmed over the past two years from a whole bunch of riders you may not have heard of before. This has a pretty laid back and fun vibe to it, keeping things interesting from start to finish. Take a look!

Filmed over a period of two years in Zagreb, Osijek and Graz, this mixtape features riding from all ten of our crew riders and some guest clips.
The song was made by our team members Marko Virovac and Filip Grbavac specifically for this video.

Crew riders: Luka Matković, Ivan Rajkov, Marko Bartolac, Marko Virovac, Domagoj Troha, Denis Tot Takac, Viktor Sokolovic, Filip Grbavac, Lenardo Baljak and Emin Mehmedbasic

Guest clips (in order of appearance): Kristian Gergeta, Borna Emić, Fran Marko Vlahinić, Leon Svit, Fran Zeman, Robert Tkalčec

Special thanks to Gordan Vugrek of Sessions for the support and helping out with the event.