Hey, happy Monday! So over the weekend, Dustin Lee (of T-Rex In A Skatepark Fame) dropped a video on his youtube titled “THE MAN BEHIND RODEO PEANUT.” Apparently sparked by several comments on the Rodeo Peanut page outing Dustin for certain posts and a tirade by Brian Tunney on Twitter, Dustin felt the need to come clean about being, ahem, the man behind Rodeo Peanut. Shortly after the RP Instagram changed its name to R_I_Peanut and has gone dark.

I absolutely love Rodeo Peanut and BMX needs its unabated checks and balances, so first and foremost, I’m sad to see it go. But, I’m a bit bummed on the entire situation. Besides the fact that it’s a well known fact that there’s many men behind RP and not just one, I feel like some sort of wizard on the hill has just lamed out at the end and posted up a vlog revealing all his secrets. All things come to an end, and if Rodeo Peanut is indeed dead, I’ll choose to remember it as a cloak and dagger league of shit talkers, not a dude talking about his feelings on his couch…



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