After filming for a few years at a ton of different parks and a dirt setup, Dean Anderson‘s new one for Colony has arrived and it’s safe to say he held nothing back. Dean put his deep bag of tricks to heavy use for this one with big air tricks and technical lip tricks galore. Hit play and check out what Dean threw down!

I spent almost 2 years filming this video with Dean. With injuries, a full time job and the fact he lives a couple hours from me (and most people) it wasn’t like we could just meet up and bang out a few clips then do it all again the next day. In a way it kind of helped because Dean would (usually) come out with a plan of a few things he wanted to get, he’d send it and most times come out on top with a really good clip or two. Dean really didn’t hold back on filming for this video and it was a real pleasure capturing it all for him…” – Cooper Brownlee

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee