Dave Mirra went on Road Fools 9, and after the trip his bike started looking a little different. Here’s the story.

You have S&M Beringer bars on your bike right now. What’s going on?
Matt Beringer bet me on Road Fools that I wouldn’t do it. He was like, “You won’t do it. You won’t ride two-piece.” So I said, “Send me some and I will.” I put them on and honestly it’s been fun. It’s almost like an obstacle. I’ve never liked bars with sweep, and these are totally opposite from what I normally run. They bend downward and they sweep back. My old bars were bent up and they were straight with no sweep. It’s kind of a rad obstacle. You’re getting on a bike that feels totally uncomfortable, but it feels awesome now.

Do you have your bars pulled back further than you used to, also?
Yeah, I pretty much have them even with the forks, so that’s definitely back. With sweep they’re way back.

What about running three pegs and the sprocket guard?
Rick Moliterno sent me a Standard sprocket, and I had a few nicks on it before I went on Road Fools, but that was just from pulling it out of the truck and hitting it on the tailgate laughter. So my goal was to learn how to use that sprocket the right way. Honestly I’m psyched. I’ve been doing pedal grinds, sprocket slides, crank arm slides. I’ve done a lot of stuff and I’m really psyched. I learned that stuff at Ventura Skate Street and it was awesome. Honestly with the three pegs, I realized that I don’t even need that back peg. When I opposite peg grind vert I’ll do front-peg and pedal. You lock the brake and the pedal won’t spin. I haven’t lost any tricks and I can do those pedals slides. Right now that’s my favorite grind.

How was the Road Fools 9 trip?
It was awesome hanging out and meeting everybody. I was definitely out of my element most of the time. I rode things I haven’t ridden in a long time and I kind of relied on just having fun. I wasn’t trying to kill any particular session. It felt nice. It was a whole change of scenery for me so it was cool. Then seeing the other end of the spectrum. All those guys ride totally different than I do, and it was cool and opened my mind. I’ve been trying to learn a lot of different stuff, more tech stuff, and mix it in with my big stuff maybe at a contest. It’s fun, kind of switching it up for me.