Dan Coller has proven time and time again that no rail is too long and drop too big. And here’s the bike he handles all that business with—his new signature Kink frame built up with Kink and Eclat parts. Dan love this bike, and here’s why…

Frame: Kink Contender (prototype Dan Coller signature), 21.3" TT
Fork: Kink CST
Bars: Kink Rex
Stem: Eclat Onyx
Grips: Kink Samurai
Barends: Kink
Headset: Kink
Seatpost: Kink Pivotal
Seat: Eclat Bios
Pedals: Eclat AK 
Cranks: Kink Pillar
Sprocket: Eclat AK
Chain: Eclat
Front Tire: Eclat Mirage
Front Wheel: Eclat Camber rim, Eclat Cortex hub
Rear Tire: Eclat Mirage
Rear Wheel: Eclat Camber rim, Eclat Cortex coaster, Eclat plastic guards
Pegs: Eclat Venom, 4.5"

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