Press Release:

Curbrider is a Tucson, Arizona based BMX company with an innovative new product, The Flow Pedals.

Curbrider would like your feedback!

If you fit one of the following categories, contact us right away to get some flow:

* Park Rider – Park riding is a game of inches. Flow pedals stabilize the bottom bracket. Pop-off with more accuracy and confidence.

* Street Rider – With a little practice, increase the height of your j-hops.  Flow pedals grind.

* Vert Rider – Just like park, the best vert riders rarely pedal. Vert is also a game of accuracy and inches. With a little practice you’ll feel more confident and go higher with Flow Pedals.

* Racer – You’ve heard the story of Bubba winning a race chainless, right?  The secret is flow.  Throw a pair of Flow Pedals on your bike to train for flow.

For beginners, Flow Pedals are a safe alternative to the unstable bottom bracket. For experts, take your riding and confidence to the next level.

More stability means better riding…period.

Curbrider has a limited supply available to flow. Normally $50, the first 50 respondents to this message get a pair of Curbrider Flow Pedals (Prototype version 12) for free.

Please send email to [email protected] or call (602)-490-0709.

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