After riding a Cult Hawk frame for a while, Dan Foley switched things up and slapped his Madera and Cult parts onto a new Dak frame. Dan’s bike is a classic two pegs, cassette, and brakeless setup that he makes the most of with that impeccable signature Foley style.

Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 155 lbs.
Location: Carrboro, NC
Sponsors: Cult, Madera, Vans, Meseroll Shop

Dan Foley, all smiles.

Frame: Cult Dak, 21″
Fork: Cult Sect IC
Bars: Cult AK, 9″
Stem: Madera Mast, 48mm
Grips: Cult Ricany
Barends: Cult
Headset: Cult
Seatpost: Cult Pivotal
Seat: Cult Ricany, Pivotal
Pedals: Cult Dak
Cranks: Madera Bantam, 170mm
Sprocket: Madera Helm, 28T
Chain: Cult Halflink
Front Tire: Cult Dehart, 2.4″
Front Wheel: Cult Match rim, Madera Pilot v2 hub, Madera C4 guard
Rear Tire: Cult Dehart, 2.4″
Rear Wheel:
Cult Match rim, Madera Cassette v2, Madera C4 guard
Pegs: Cult Butter, 4″

Foley, all style.

You just switched to a Dak frame, what were you riding before and how's this new frame feeling thus far?
I was riding a Cult Hawk frame before. The new Dak frame feels very nice. Not that the old one felt bad, but the change is nice.

Why did you decide to change it up, anyhow?
Chase switched up the geo on his frame, mellowing out the headtube from 75 to 74.5 degrees and also raising the bottom bracket from 11.7″ to 11.8″. The changes felt really good for riding skateparks and trails, but I wasn’t much of a fan on how long my bike felt while riding street. I switched over to a Dak frame to get something a little more responsive for tech stuff, and also something with a lower bottom bracket height.

What are some specifics to your personal setup? What makes this your ride?
I try to keep it as simple as possible—two pegs, cassette, and brakeless. This way my setup requires the least amount of maintenance possible. Riding bike > working on bike.

I noticed your grips are extra long and they go over the bend. You seem to hold your bars near the bend, so why don't you trim your bars down instead of running them so wide?
Well I have them cut to 27.5″ and they’re 9″ tall. I feel like if I cut them any more they’d look pretty funny. Like a razor scooter with bars raised all the way up or something. I’m also trying to make habit of holding my bars a little wider and improving my posture, so leaving them a little bit wider than where I hold seems ideal for that.

You're running the Madera V2 cassette, why do you prefer the cassette over a freecoaster?
I prefer a cassette to a coaster for a number of reasons. I love having the pedal pressure there for backward manual tricks and fakie control. It’s nice for when I have to pedal hard, not having to worry about any slack at all. I also love the simplicity of it. I know what it’s going to do every time I land backward, where coasters will sometimes engage if your feet move too much.

How long have you been running the 22mm Madera Bantam cranks? And what do you think of them so far?I’ve been on them for a little over a year now. They’re solid and make my bike go when I push on them. What more could you ask for? I used to run various 19mm cranks over the years and I’d always end up bending spindles over time. The Bantam cranks don’t do that.

You got some new teammates on Madera recently, with Jake Seeley and Grant Castelluzzo joining the team. Have you had the chance to kick it with them much yet?
We took a ten-day Madera x Profile trip to Houston a couple months back and those dudes were on it. Grant has been on a couple Madera trips in the past as the filmer and he’s always a pleasure to be around. I hadn’t really hung out with Jake prior to the Houston trip, but he’s a super chill and nice guy who seemed like such a natural fit for Madera. Hyped to have those guys on board.

Other than undoubtedly riding way more ledges while on Madera trips now, what else do you have to look forward to with Madera in the coming year? I heard you guys are working on a big filming project…
We’ve got a trip lined up on the east coast coming up in April. There’s definitely been a lot of filming happening within the crew. The group chat has been lighting up constantly with photos/videos of everyone doing their thing. I’m definitely excited to see what everyone has been up to and how it all comes together, however that may be.

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