It’s that time again for another amazing interview for The BMX In Our Blood Podcast! This time around Joe Doherty sits down with the one and only Clint Reynolds to talk BMX, welding, his parents home burning down, becoming a dad, building his backyard bow and much, much more! This is an awesome listen, so get on that play button and take it all in!

The BMX In Our Blood Podcast Clint Reynolds

Clint Reynolds. I might have pushed to the point of annoying for this podcast with Clint. Sometimes that backfires and the interview isn’t what you had hoped for any number of reasons. This was not the case with Clint at all. It ended up being an interview that I feel really good about! Part of the reason is you all, the listeners, who gave me plenty of questions to work with and Clint for keeping it relaxed. Thank you!

Clint and I talked about all of the changes in his life this past year and how he has balanced it the best he can. Clint is such an amazingly modest guy that would clearly give you the shirt off of his back. Combine that with his mechanical intelligence, amazing skills on the bike and perseverance and you end up with an amazing private skate/bmx park at his house and loads of other of DIY projects. Oh, and he happens to think well under pressure when he finds a black bear in his bowl while giving me the tour! Thank you Clint for making the time for this old man fan of everything you do.

Enjoy the interview everyone and thank you for the continued support and thank you Powers Bike Shop for helping support the show and helping it move forward. Chicago soon? Maybe!

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