Episode 2 of #LBC2SAC is here and the squad was definitely living. Thanks to all the sponsors for making it happen: Connected, Flav, Puff-Pre Rolls and Care By Design.




Stevie Churchill backed up Tommy Sandoval at this Uc Davis Rail. Photo: Brandon Means


Dylan Stark Class is in session At Uc Davis. Photo: Brandon Means


Double kink rails all day. Photo: Brandon Means


Brandon, pegs to crook 180. Photo: Jeff Landi


Stevie was a little quiet until we rolled up to this spot and then he flared up really quick. Photo: Means


Who knew there where waves in sacramento. Photo Means


Papas and Beer brought their trophy truck for the boys to air! Photo: Means


Dylan Stark and Jaws Above and Below at Bar West Photo: Means


Stevie doing big trick with small ramps at barwest. Photo: Means


Dylan Stark. Photo: Jeff Landi


Pro athlete life. Photo: Brandon Means