Name: Chase DeHart
Age: 15 at heart.
Height: About 6ft.
Weight: 155lbs.
West Deptford, New Jersey
Sponsors: Cult Bikes, Fox Clothing, Lotek Shoes, Cinema Wheels, TwoByFour Store, and Animal friend hook up. Thanks to Bob and Ralph; honored to rep.


All photos by Fat.

Frame: Cult Bad Boy, 20.75″
Fork: Cult Sect
Bars: Shadow Vultus 8.25″ in the pic, now Cult leader 8.25″.
Stem: Cult Mind Control
Grips: Cult DeHart signature.
Barends: Cult
Headset: Animal
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: Greenhouse BMX
Cranks: Fit Flow
Sprocket: Cult, 25t.
Chain: Shadow Half Link
Front Tire: Animal GLH-R, 2.25″
Front Wheel: Shadow Raptor in pic, now Cinema Tungsten.
Rear Tire: Animal GLH-R, 2.25″
Rear Wheel: Shadow Rant V2, now Cinema
Pedals: Animal Hamilton PC
Hub Guard: Shadow in the front, Mutiny in the back.
Pegs: Animal MK3


I cut my bars down to about 27.5″ and I usually trim my rear axle down, but I keep forgetting to. That’s all.

Which parts do you go through the most?
Um, I guess tires, tubes, and grips. I am pretty good with parts. I actually get real attached to my parts and bike. I keep everything the same for as long as I can.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
However I want it to feel, really. If it looks how I want, I can always pick it up and make it feel perfect. If I want it to feel like shit, I just tell myself it feels like shit. All in your head mostly.

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?
I have had my bike the same for so long that if I did change a size or anything like that, it could probably get to me if I let it. But for simple stuff, I’d say if my bars moved, that would bother me the most.

Do you remember your first “real” BMX bike?
Yeah, it was a black and yellow GT Vertigo. I traded it a month later for a sick aluminum Mosh race complete. I’d say the Mosh was my first real BMX bike. The Vertigo sucked.

When I jumped on your bike the tires were super low. Do you always run low air pressure? Are you particular about your psi?
Yeah man, I don’t know what’s up with that. I think they went down from the humidity at my house, then when I took my bike out of my bag for the Fox trip I just ran it. Just told myself it felt fine, I guess. I’m not particular about my PSI. When it’s lower it makes wallrides feel so good, or those tires are just real grippy, not sure, but I don’t mind it.

Knowing that Cult has two different frames that both have the same geometry, which one do you ride, and why did you pick that one?
I ride the Bad Boy frame, which is made for us over in New York by BMX. Being from East Coast (Jersey) I just wanted to rep that one. Not that the Solid ones doesn’t look awesome and aren’t well made, just figured I’d hold down on this end while they hold down theirs.