Back in the day, before LHD and smaller sprockets, if you landed on your sprocket, the odds were pretty good you were going to bend it (and possibly break your chain, as well). Thankfully, nowadays bent sprockets are pretty rare, but the headache of broken chains is still pretty common—especially with all of these wacky grinds people are doing today. One of the best methods of pain relief is a sprocket guard. Whether you want to protect your chain, or actually grind on the guard (like how Taj Mihelich used to across spines) these puppies are waiting for all the abuse you can dish out.


Sumo Sprocket & Guard
Price: $49.99 (sprocket), $49.99 (guard)
Weight: 2.6 oz. (sprocket), 2.8 oz. (guard)
Colors: Anodized black, dark blue, green, red, polish (sprocket), anodize black (guard)
This CNC machined 7075 Aluminum sprocket is 6 mm thick with five bolt-hole positions, which according to Stolen, not only extends sprocket life, but also provide a mount for the optional 7075 Aluminum guard with four steel bolts. The Sumo kit is compatible with most crank assemblies and half-link chains.

MDS (Million Dollar Sprocket)
Price: $51.99
Weight: 4.7 oz (25T)
Color: Black
Made from 7075 aluminum and features five sprocket bolt positions for longer life, 1/8″ teeth, 15/16″ bore, and optional secondary bolt-on “sandwich” guard for maximum chain protection. Available in 25, 27, 28, and 30-tooth.

Key Guard Sprocket
Price: $64.99
Weight: 4.6 oz. (25-T)
Colors: Black, bright silver
The Key Guard is CNC'd from 7075 aluminum in the USA with 1/8" teeth, a
24 mm (15/16") center bore with 19/22 mm steel hat washers included and features an integrated guard for chain protection which can be run inside or out with plenty of guard clearance for popular half-link chains, four rotation positions, and is available in 25 and 28-tooth.

Price: $49.99
Weight: 5.1 oz (25T)
Colors: Black, anodized blue, anodized red, raw
Features ample clearance for half-link chains, five sprocket bolt positions for longer life, 1/8" teeth, 15/16" bore, and made from 7075 aluminum. Available in 25 and 28 tooth.

Imperial Guard Combo
Price: $49.95
Colors: Black, polished (sprocket), black (guard)
Weight: 5.5 ozs. (combo)
"We're doing a small run of these, throw back from the early 2000's. Get one while they're still available and save by getting them together. The sprocket guards are designed to guard and protect Profile Racing’s Imperial chainwheels. The guard is CNC machined billet alloy aluminum.Bolt drive only (no spline drive), 25-tooth, 3/32″ teeth only (compatible with an 1/8″ chain)."