Name: Brian Wizmerski
Age: 27
Location: Center City, Philadelphia
Sponsors: Eastern Bikes, Animal Bikes, Orchid Footwear, Dead Memory, Happy Hour

Frame: Eastern Reeper
Fork: Eastern
Bars: Eastern
Stem: Animal
Grips: The end of the Wiz Grip.
Barends: Plastic
Headset: Eastern
Seatpost: Animal
Seat: Animal Cush Stripe
Cranks: Eastern Pro
Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa
Chain: Eastern Z510H
Brakes: Dia-Tech Hombres
Cable: Animal
Brake Lever: Dia-Compe Tech 77 for life
Front Tire: Dirt Monster 2.125"
Front Wheel: Old Primo joint
Rear Tire: Animal GLH 1.95"
Rear Wheel: Eastern 9’er
Hub Guard: FBM
Pegs: Animal Lite
Pedals: Eastern Magnesium


Cut the ball off the brake lever.

You said you came really close to not putting your brakes on when building this bike. So what happened?
I got the rest of the bike done so quick because of how easy bikes are to build now. All I had left to do was the brakes, and I thought for a second about trying it out, then I put them on—it's just not me.

I saw you truing your back wheel the other day while we were at a spot, do you work on your bike often? Do you keep it dialed, or just get used to it?
Nah, the rest of my bike is dialed right now and every once in a while I'll true the back wheel so the brakes feel nice. But then I slowly let them fall apart until it's time for a new one.

So how are thing going with Eastern? Didn't you guys go on a trip to Arizona to film?
The Eastern thing is awesome. I am psyched on the bike and psyched with the people involved. Yeah, that was the first trip for the video I was on and I kinda slacked, but the video is coming along.

You're back on the Animal squad, too. So you pretty much got a while new ride. How does the overhauled bike feel?
The bike feels amazing right now, smoothest it's been in years.

How's filming going with Animal, are we going to see a full Wiz section in the next Animal vid?
I'm filming the Animal part while I'm working on the Eastern part, so it's been tough. [I'm] supposed to have a full section in both.