It has been entirely too long since we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some fresh Brian Hunt footage! Luckily, Stew Johnson has been working on this new one with Brian for a few years now and they’ve finally dropped it online for everyone’s viewing pleasure. A lot has changed in the past 5 years in BMX and for Brian, but fortunately his riding and style is timeless and it all looks awesome. Gotta love this one! Hit play and enjoy!

​This project has been in the works for close to five years now – life happens, though, and sometimes things can get thrown on the back burner way longer than anticipated. New England native Brian Hunt has been slaying transitions for years, and with Stew Johnson behind the lens capturing some of Brian's exploits, it was well worth the wait. A near-devastating accident on his motorcycle last year might have put what life is about in a better perspective for B Hunt (see DIG 99.9 for more info:… ), and has made him more motivated than ever to ride. Thanks Stew for bringing all this stashed footage to light; hope you enjoy it.

Film and edit by Stew Johnson” – DIG