Brian Foster BMX In Our Blood Podcast Interview Part 1

Here’s another banger that Joe Doherty has released for the BMX In Our Blood Podcast! This time around Joe sits down with the one and only Blue Falcon, Brian Foster, to talk about everything from riding to busting his ass going back to school to get his doctorate in physical therapy. This first part covers A TON of ground in the two hours, and it’s only part one. Expect another two and a half hours to come! Grab a drink, hit play and give it a listen up top! (We’ve also re-embedded it below since it kind of blends in up top)

Brian Foster Part 1…who would have guessed anyone could nail down BF let alone for over 4-1/2 hours. I feel pretty damn grateful and honored. We talked about everything from family to education to BMX, of course. These interviews are pretty loose so it allowed BF to digress at will. That made the interview really relaxed to say the least. Next week’s episode (Part 2) things get even more entertaining as we talk about everything from the BMX Hall of Fame induction (coming up on September 8th, drugs in BMX, John Purse wrestling matches and more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Sorry for the cicadas noise in the background for the 1st little bit, they do go away! Have a great week!” – Joe Doherty