Name: Brian Foster
Age: 38
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 170lbs
Location: South Plainfield, NJ
Sponsors: Fit, Fox, Primo


All photos by Jeff Zielinski.

Frame: Fit BF (Sample #1)
Fork: Fit Blade Lite
Bars: Fit Highs
Stem: Fit DLT
Grips: Primo
Barends: Primo
Headset: FSA
Seatpost: Primo Pivotal
Seat: Fit Lo Bolt Perforated
Cranks: Primo Hollowbite
Sprocket: Fit D.L., 30T
Chain: KMC
Front Tire: Primo Dirt monster, 2.20″
Front Wheel: Primo Balance
Front Hub: Primo N4
Rear Tire: Primo V-monster, 1.95″
Rear Wheel: Primo VS
Rear Hub: Primo Mix Cassette, 10T
Pedals: Primo Stricker
Brakes: Yes

Cut the bars a little.

Which parts do you go through the most?
Everything is pretty solid. Rear wheels take a beating.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
My bike is setup to go fast. It's long and has a slower head tube angle than most bikes. I don't like that twitchy feeling that bikes have today. Super light, real short, with a steep head angle is not for me.

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?
Tire pressure. I usually run 75-80 psi. I put more in if I'm riding concrete.

Tell us a little about that trip you and Justin Inman took to Australia, didn't it end up raining all but two days of the trip?
It was in February and snowing bad in Jersey, so it took an extra day and a half to get there. Once I got there it rained for the first few days. All we could do is work on getting the jumps dry and sneak in some concrete parks in between the rain. We got in two real good sessions at the trails on the last two days. New rule: If I go to Australia, it has to be for more than a week.

You just got back from a little tour with some of the Fit team around your area in South Jersey and then out to Pennsylvania. How was it having the team at some of your local spots?
We were filming for Fit Trippin #2. It felt a little unfair to be going to all my local spots for a trip video. I felt like I was cheating. The good part is I know the spots real well, but the bad part is I've already filmed a lot at the spots and trying to think of something to do that I haven't already filmed in the past.

The trip ended in Pittsburgh where we visited three different sets of trails, what were some of the highlights of Pittsburgh for you?
Hazlewood was the highlight for me. Problem was that after a week of riding all day, everyday I was way too tired to ride that spot like I wanted to. I'd like to go back with fresh legs and have a few sessions. Hopefully, I'll make it out this year.

What do you have in the works for the rest of the summer?
August to October is all about riding trails. This is the time of year where it cools down and the trails are perfect. Going to France in September to ride some trails there. See you in the woods.