For a while now we’ve been quietly working on a spots directory and mobile phone application, and it’s finally ready to use. Whether on your computer or a smart phone, you can now look for spots and get directions to them with just a few clicks. You also upload locations, photos, videos of your own spots, too. From bike shops, to skateparks, to dirt jumps, to street spots, you can find just about every type of spot in our Spots Directory—except, of course, for those gems that are supposed to be kept secret.

Keep in mind, the Spots Directory is interactive and needs your support to grow. It can only be as good as you make it, so click on over there and start uploading your own spots.

Check out the Ride BMX Spots Directory at

Or download the mobile app from these links.

Ride BMX Spots Directory & Mobile Application
Ride BMX Spots Directory & Mobile Application

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