Are you thinking about picking up a new freecoaster hub, but you aren’t really sure what you’re looking for just yet, or you aren’t sure if you want to completely step away from a cassette? Here’s a look at the new Gulf Coaster hub from Madera. The Gulf Coaster freecoaster hub is made right here in the United States utilizing Profile Racing‘s patented Z-Technology that they use in their Z-Coaster hub. The two hubs are nearly identical, except that the Gulf Coaster has a simplified design with limited options to help keep the costs of the hub down.

Inside, the hub utilizez the same Patented internals as the Z-Coaster, with a driver that uses Z shaped pawls that have 48-points of engagement and allow you to engage or disengage the driver with the center Slack Cam Ring by simply back pedaling. Essentially creating a cassette and a freecoaster hub all in one. Inside the Gulf Coaster, you can find a 90-degree Cam Slack Ring which gives you a 1/4 crank for slack. Outside you will notice the larger outer driver support bearing to help keep the oversized driver mechanism going strong and reliable.

Madera Gulf Coaster Freecoaster Hub BMX

The Gulf Coaster hub from Madera is available in Black only with right or left side drive options, a solid 14mm chromoly axle, a 9-tooth chromoly driver and a weight of 24.5 ounces for $244.99 direct from the Madera webstore, the Ride BMX Shop or BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Madera worldwide now. You can also pick it up as a complete wheel for $344.99, which you can learn more about here — Gulf Coaster Complete Wheel.

The Gulf Coaster is also compatible with the different Madera and Profile Racing hub guard options, so you can help keep your investment safe from grinds.

If you were looking to get more customized features like different slack, axle, driver or colors options, the Profile Racing Z-Coaster is available with many different options for a slightly higher price. As we mentioned above, the Gulf Coaster was created to be more affordable by limiting the options available.

You can learn more about Madera and their products by visiting!