Is it time for a new set of hubs? Not into a freecoaster or you just want to make the switch back to cassette? The new Swerve Hubs from BSD might just be what you’re looking for.

BSD BMX Swerve Cassette Hub

Swerve Cassette Hub

The Swerve Cassette hub starts out with a 6061-T6 alloy shell drilled with 36-spoke holes. Inside you can find high quality sealed bearings with a 14mm, 4140 heat-treated chromoly female axle, push-fit chromoly cones and 4130 heat-treated chromoly bolts to keep it all tight. The main feature of this hub is the 150-tooth ratchet ring plus individually toothed pawls on the 9-tooth chromoly driver with a polymer bushing that make this hub skip free with instant engagement. The hub is Kriss Kyle‘s new favorite, so you know that has to be one dialed hub.

BSD BMX Swerve Cassette Hub

BSD BMX Swerve Cassette Hub

Mix the 150-tooth ratchet ring with toothed pawls on the driver and you get instant engagement and no skipping!

You can pick up the Swerve Cassette hub up in Black and Polished colors, right or left hand drive with a weight of 464 grams / 17.07 ounces for $189.99 through BSD dealers worldwide or in the Ride BMX Shop now!

BSD Swerve Cassette Hub Guards

Need hub guards to help protect your investment? BSD’s popular Jersey Barrier Back Street Pro plastic hub guards work for this hub. Drive and non-drive side sold separately.

BSD Swerve Front Hub

Swerve Front Hub

The new Swerve Front Hub from BSD is not only clean and simple, but it’s built to take the abuse you throw at it out in the streets. The hub is made from 6061-T6 alloy and is drilled fro 36-spokes. Inside you can find a 4140 heat-treated chromoly female axle, high quality sealed bearings, chromoly push-fit cones and 10mm heat-treated 4130 chromoly bolts to keep everything tight! Both the new Jersey Barrier Push On front guard and the original Front Street Pro Jersey Barrier hub guards fit this hub, available separately.

Like the Serve Cassette, the Swerve Front Hub comes in black and polished colors with a weight of 245 grams / 8.64 oz. and a $69.99 price tag through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry BSD worldwide or in the Ride BMX Shop now!

That’s a look at the new Swerve hubs from BSD! You can learn more about BSD by checking out BSDFOREVER.COM