It’s a new year and Brant Moore is back on it with the BMX News. Here’s a full recap of all the best BMX videos, the latest news and the newest products from the first week in 2019! As always, you can find everything discussed in the video below!

The first BMX News video of 2019 brings more products than you can shake a 24k gold crank at as well as some amazing videos!


Chase Dehart Off Animal

Brian Hunt – The Good Things From Dig

Drop The Pin With Albert Mercado From Ride

At Home In ATX With Travis Hughes From Kink

Isaac Lesser – We Don't Yet? From Shadow

Maiden America Tour V – The Road Goes On Forever

Chad Douglas NYC Mix From Animal

Mind & Eye With Jake Seeley From Sunday

Trevor Sigloch I Need Dubs From S&M

Chad DeGroot Kneelies 2018


Ben Allen Bike Check From Sunday

Skyler Pingree Video Bike Check From Fit

What I Ride With Gaspar Guendulain From Ride


New Fit High Top V2 Colorways

New S&M Pivotal & Railed Seats

Broc Raiford's Signature RAFT Stem Video From Odyssey

White Seeley Peg Promo From Sunday

Sunday Matte Pale Pink Color Promo

Courage Adams 2019 Savanna Promo From Flybikes

Profile Limited Edition 50th Anniversary 24K Gold Box Cranks

New WeThePeople Message Frame Colors

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks In Chrome


The Rollback Podcast – Unclicked With Dennis Enarson