Press Release:

Black Label Parts Available Online

Over the years the Black Label BMX parts line has grown and grown but the parts weren't available online. This has changed. Starting from today you can shop online AND support your local bike shop – the best of both worlds. New in the parts line for 2012 are the Blockstar and Mobstar tires available with both kevlar and wire beads. They come in sizes 2.10" and 2.35". The Black Label sealed wheels have a 1 pc driver cassette. Replacement drivers are available in size 9T and 10T and are available through your local Black Label dealer too. If you're having problems stopping your bike, try a set of Sticky Black Label brake pads, they could save you. Nylon products in the parts program can be found in the form of pedals, seatsposts and pegs. But the list doesn't stop there. Take a look at the online catalog, then ring up one of the Black Label dealers on the list. Most likely there's one near you that you can visit, but if not, you can now place your Black Label order online.

See Black Label's Online catalog here.
For a list of Black Label Dealers click here.