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Frame: Terrible One Barcode
Top tube length: 20.625″
Back end: Set up at 14-1/4″ works best for me.
Forks: S&M Pitchfork
Stem: Nate Hansen designed Primo Pro
Bars: T1, medium size
Cranks: Primo Powerbite
Sprocket: T1 Gower-Power, 45-tooth
Chain: KMC. They’re inexpensive and I think they’re just as strong as any normal-size chain out there.
Wheels: My wheels are kind of old-school right now. The front wheel is two-and-a-half years old. I still run the small Ukai 48-hole rims laced into Suzue high flange hubs with 3/8-inch axles and normal-size spokes. I have an XS 4×4 hub for the rear because I’ve never had any problems with it.
Peddles: Primo Tenderizers
Pegs: Primo Pro T1’s
Seat: Primo Hemorrhoid
Seatpost: Primo
Seatpost clamp: Primo, single clamp
Detangler: Nate’s stem comes with top cable stops. The bottom piece is an SST Oryg. I use an Odyssey top cable and an SST bottom cable. The Odyssey cables have a coating on them, at least the top ones do. Plus it looks different than a black cable. It’s just a change.
Tires: I run a Primo Dirt Monster in the front. There was a 1.95″ Primo V-Monster in the back, but I blew it out and the only tire that was here was an old Schwinn tire. So right now my rear tire is a Schwinn, but I usually don’t run that.
Headset: Dia Compe Tank
Grips: Primo
Bar ends: Primo (aluminum)
Brake Lever: Dia Compe Tech 77
Brakes: Dia Compe 990
Freewheel: ACS Claw 16-tooth


Did you design this frame?
Yeah, Taj and I. He had some ideas and I had some, and they kind of came together.
Is it a straightforward frame? Nothing new, no giant tubes or anything?
No, it’s all .O49″ tubing. On the back-end there are no dents for tire clearance or sprocket clearance because I think that decreases the life of a tube. It’s kind of hard trying to get it all to work, that a 45 tooth sprocket and the tires work so I think my wheel is at the only position it possibly could be.
What’s the thing on your seat guts?
It’s just an old Gyro hood that I twist up and around the edges so that it doesn’t end up cutting you if your knees are ever back there.
Everyone’s going to a smaller gear setup these days. How come you don’t have that?
I just don’t. I still like the 45. I don’t know, maybe in a matter of time everything will switch over. But a $250 hub? I’m happy with what I’ve got.
What’s the difference between the sizes of the T1 bars?
The mediums are 25-inches wide, so they are already kind of cut down and they have 7-3/4″ rise. The small ones are 24-1/2″ wide and they have 7-3/8″ rise on them.