Taj Mihelich’s Terrible One Barcode

Photos: Mulligan

Text: McAvoy

Frame: T-1 Scott Malyon Barcode prototype, 21″ top tube

Forks: T-1

Headset: Chris King

Bars: T-1 Small

Stem: PrimoPro with detangler tabs

Grips: Primo Logo

Brakes: Endurance prototype

Brake lever: Dia-Compe Tech 77

Brake cable: Upper: Dragonfly; lower: Odyssey Slic cables

Brake pads: Endurance

Seat: Primo Balance

Seat post: Thompson

Seat post clamp: Federal Matchbox

Cranks: Primo Powerbites, titanium spindle, 180mm

Sprocket: Tree, 36-tooth

Chain: KMC 510
Pedals: Primo Balance, magnesium

Rims: Odyssey Seven K, 36-hole

Rear hub: Profile Mini cassette, 14mm titanium axle with Primo axle nuts, 13-tooth

Front hub: Suzue sealed high-flange, 3/8″ FlyBikes axle and Hoffman axle nuts

Spokes: DT

Tires: PrimoPro Taj Mihelich signature, front: 2.1″ (100 PSI); rear: 1.95″ (90-95 PSI)

Pegs: Primo/T-1, left side

Extras: Tree fork bolt, plastic bar ends, Primo tubes, modified SST Oryg (“Some kid from Japan sent me that Oryg. He put this weird coating on it, so it’s kind of sealed.”)

Weight: 29 lbs.

You’re usually riding some sort of custom frame…

Whenever we make a new custom series frame for one of the team riders, I’ll make one for myself to test. I usually make it out of really thin material, just to see if I can break it. The frame I’m riding right now is sort of a Scott Malyon frame with thinner dropouts.

What custom mods do you make?

I ground the excess off the back of the dropout; there’s nothing to collapse when you’re doing icepicks and stuff like that. I had gyro tabs welded on; originally I didn’t have them. I cut my bars down a little bit, cut the seat post, bent the brake lever, and I had to grind down the headset so the detangler fits over it.

What parts do you wear out the fastest?

I like my pedals to be really grippy, so I change them when they start to get worn out. I’ve always gone through grips like crazy.

Why use plastic bar ends instead of metal?

I change my grips so much that the plastic ones are fine; they last as long as my grips do.

Why aren’t you running your signature grip?

We’re working on a second signature grip, so I’m trying out a bunch of different grips right now to see what I might want to change on the next set of grips I do.

Are you picky about your bike set-up?

Yeah, my bars have to be in the right place, the brakes have to feel a certain way, I keep my spokes really tight… I like my bikes to be really stiff, so everything’s pretty tight.

Why are you running the Tree sprocket when T-1 makes sprockets?

It’s kind of a luxury item, really. Those sprockets are made out of 7075 aluminum, and if we made T-1 sprockets out of that material, they’d be 80 or 90 dollars; it wouldn’t be practical. I really like Sam at Tree and all the stuff they're doing; it’s a really great sprocket.

What’s your favorite part?

Right now, I’m really psyched on the tires. It’s the second generation of my signature tire from Primo, and I’m really happy with them.