If you’ve ever checked out Donny Robinson’s bike, you’ll notice that it’s a lot different than what everyone else in his class is riding. We had a few questions for Powerlite’s Team Manager, Erick “Big E” Bartoldus regarding how Donny’s bike is set up. So we gave “Big E” a call and picked his brain.

The first thing we found out was that Donny is on a pro-sized Powerlite Coqpit. The only difference between his frame and a stock one is that his has been fitted with a European bottom bracket and that it’s missing the yolk in the back where the chainstays connect to the bottom bracket. “We really just wanted to lighten it up,” noted Big E “he really doesn’t need it the extra bracing.”

The next area that drew a fair amount of attention was his crank set up. While most kids racing 17 Expert are running chromoly cranks, Donny is still on aluminum Shimano XTR cranks, with a gear that turns quite a few heads¿a 52-18. “I think Donny’s the one that started the big gear trend. Him and his Dad have this philosophy on how that big gear works. I don’t know all about it, and I sure don’t subscribe to it, but if he’s winning, I don’t care what gear he’s using,” commented Big E. We asked Big E why Donny hasn’t made the move to Powerlite’s chromoly cranks. “The Shimano stuff is light and it works,” noted Big E. That’s reason enough for us.

Donny’s complete bike (pads, plate, and computer) weighs in under 17lbs, but that’s not the amazing part. “At my home track I think my fastest speed was 32.8 mph, but just a week ago I got up to 45.8 m.p.h. I have no clue where I got that; it could have been down a hill or something. I actually noticed it after I got back from Ontario, so I think I might have gotten it down there, but I’m not certain,” Donny told us. A 32-mph track speed? No wonder the kid never loses…

Donny Robinson’s Powerlite Coqpit

Frame: Powerlite Coqpit Pro w/euro BB
Forks: Answer Carbo Pro
Headset: Chris King sealed bearing
Bars: Powerlite MX
Grips: Powerlite mini
Stem: Powerlite Pro
Brakes: Shimano Deore
Brake Lever: Shimano Deore
Brake Cable: Shimano
Seat: Velo/Uni type custom made
Seat Post: Velo/Uni
Seat Post Clamp: Integral
Cranks: Shimano XTR, 175mm
Bottom Bracket: Shimano XTR
Sprocket: Shimano, 52-tooth
Pedals: Shimano 858
Chain: Shimano
Rims: Araya RB-17
Hubs: ACS Claw’s 36-hole
Spokes: titanium
Tires: 20″ x 1.5″
Freewheel: ACS Claw, 18-tooth
Extras: Powerlite padset, Dyno plate, computer

D.R.’s Coqpit Geometry:
Top tube: 20-1/2
Head tube angle: 73 degrees
Seat tube angle: 71
Chain stay length: 14-1/4″ to 15-1/4″
Bottom Bracket Height: 12″

Personal Gear:
Helmet: Bell Moto 6
Goggles: Spy
Jersey/Pants/Gloves: Powerlite Team Issue
Shoes: Shimano M-320