Sponsors: MacNeil, SoBe Beverage Company, Axion, Oakley, Primo, Profile, Tip Plus, We the People, SST, XS.

Frame: The MacNeil Miron frame. None of our bikes are going to have any weird names. It’s just going to be Miron.
What sizes are the frames available in? 20-1/4″ and 20-3/4″
What’s the reason for the two different sizes?
The rear dropouts are made as small and as light as possible. They’re the perfect size to cover the chain when the wheel is right up at the front of the dropout, but because of this there isn’t a lot of room in the back-end for adjustment. I don’t think you should offer too much adjustment in the back-end. It changes the geometry of the frame too much, so we offer the frame in tow top tube lengths.
Forks: We The People; the MacNeil forks aren’t done yet, and We The People forks are super strong.
Stem: MacNeil
Bars: MacNeil
Bar ends: MacNeil (aluminum)
Wheels: Profile “SS” Cassette hubs with Araya RB-J1 rims
Gearing: 36-13; I think that’s the wave of the future.
Sprocket: MacNeil
Cranks: Profile
Pedals: Primo Pro; they don’t bend and they kick ass.
Seat: Primo Hemorrhoid
Seatpost: Primo
Pegs: Primo Terrible One pegs; they are the shit.
Brakes: Dia Compe 990’s
Levers: Dia Comp Tech 77’s
Tires: Primo Walls 1.85″
Detangler: SST. I think that’s the only way to go because every other detangler is stupid.
Front Hub: Primo Pro
Front brake cable: Ten Pack cable; we have them manufactured ourselves.
Any special modifications?
I angle my front brake pads so the brakes feather easier. I go to Chicago and check out where the guys in the ghetto have their bars and I make mine look the same. You shouldn’t have to modify your bike too much if you run good parts.