Name: Sean Ricany
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Toms River, NJ.
Sponsors: Stranger, Primo, Blenders Eyewear

Sean Ricany Bike Check

Frame: Stranger Nomad 21"
Fork: Stranger sample
Bars: Stranger Haze 8.8"
Stem: Sample of my Signature Primo stem
Grips: Primo Boy grip
Barends: Primo plastic
Headset: Primo
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Primo Tripod
Seat: Sample of my signature Stranger seat
Pedals: Primo JJ
Cranks: Primo samples 175mm
Sprocket: Primo 25t
Chain: Primo half-link
Front Tire: Cult Dehart 2.25"
Front Wheel: Primo N4FL
Rear Tire: Cult Dehart 2.25"
Rear Wheel: Primo Freemix Pro
Pegs: Primo Plastic 4 1/2"
Hub guard: Primo

On a scale of one to ten, ten meaning you love it, how much do you like working on your bike?
Working on my bike is definitely a love/hate situation. I usually end up getting super frustrated in the process, but nothing beats the feeling of building a new bike up, or fixing something that was bothering you so I would have to say 8.

How long do you typically ride a bike before building a new one? Do you switch out parts as they go? Or just build a whole fresh kit?
It usually depends how beat up my bike is, I usually try to build a whole new bike every five months. I often replace simple things like pedals, grips, hub guards and pegs sleeves.

You mentioned that this bike was bigger than what you usually ride, have you gotten used to it? Is a bigger bike your new thing?
I just built up this 21" with 8.8" rise bars after riding 20.5" with 8.5" rise bars and I must say it is the best feeling bike I have ever had.

What parts do you change out the most often?
The parts I change out the most would have to be pedals and tires. Luc-E grinds and crankarm grinds usually put a beating on my pedals and to be honest I just love the way new tires look.


Ice-ice-bar while filming for Stranger’s new video Ride It Out. Sequence: Zielinski

Tell us about your signature front load Primo stem…
Well it is my first signature product so I am really excited about it. Lot of the pros are riding top load stems now and that just isn’t my thing, so I figured a front load stem would be good for my first signature part. It comes in red, black, polished and gold. Should be out in the very near future.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Must say… tire pressure, whenever I get a flat it will take 20 minutes of letting air out and re-pumping it up until I get the sweet spot [laughs].

Are you willing to experiment with new parts and mix things up, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true?
It depends, I try not to go too far out of range of what I usually ride, but when new things come in I’m usually down to try them out.

You’ve been spending some time in Cali filming for the new Stranger video Ride It Out. Is this your first full-length DVD part? How’s it been going working with Miles Rogoish and chllin’ with the team?
Yeah this will be my first full-length video part. It's so sick to be able to kick it and go on trips with all those dudes, it's always a good time because we're all good homies just laughing and having fun. Filming with Miles is awesome, having one of the best filmers to work with for my first part is seriously a dream come true.

You rode in both street comps at the Brooklyn Dew Tour. How was the overall experience?
I had so much fun riding both events, always wanted to be invited to a Dew Tour street contest and it was so awesome to have my first one be right near my house. Riding practice with everyone was my favorite part of the whole weekend. The layout of the “street” contest was so laid back, you had the option to push the limit and get a trick you may not land first try which was sick because I feel it pushed the limit of what people can really do rather than putting a run together of things you land first try. The street style course was so rad to ride, it's not very often you come across a course like that. Hopefully I will be able to ride in these events again.