Name: Justin Miller
Age: 22
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Sponsors: KHE Bikes, Adidas Shoes

Frame: KHE Militant “Stealth” (Prototype)
Fork: KHE Tanaka, zero offset
Bars: KHE Swiss Miss
Stem: KHE Swiss Miss bar/stem combo
Grips: Bizhouse O-rings
Barends: Quamen stainless steel
Headset: FSA Integrated
Clamp: Profile
Seatpost: KHE Prismatic
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Cranks: Hindenburg 2-piece
Sprocket: KHE Ninja
Chain: KHE Tanga
Brakes: Dia-Tech Hombre
Cable: KHE
Brake Lever: Dia-Tech 99
Front Tire: KHE MAC folding tire
Front Wheel: KHE Geisha street, 48 hole
Rear Tire: KHE MAC folding tire
Rear Wheel: KHE Geisha light, 36 hole
Chain Tensioner: Quamen
Pegs: Ares Silencer on front, Bizhouse on rear
Pedals: KHE Stimulator


Which parts do you go through the most?
I go through tires the most.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…
I use zero offset forks, which makes tricks feel the same when the bars are either way. The handle bars are combined with a stem to minimize weight. This also keeps the bars in the perfect position. I like the angle of the bars to be in line with the forks. I run my seat post so that the seat is at the same height as the bars. All the parts I run are the lightest parts made. The lighter it is, I find the easier it is to do tricks.

This is your second signature frame from KHE. How much input did you have with the bike and how is this one different from the previous model?
I had quite a bit of input, but KHE had some ideas too. They contacted me about doing a lightweight frame first. I told them the dimensions I wanted and they did the rest. I had nothing to do with the tube thickness or diameter of the tubing. With this frame I shortened the back end a little and only bent the down tube. The less bends a frame has, the lighter it can get. I bent the down tube to allow for more scuffing room and the top tube was set lower so that it minimized the amount of tubing used, but also left room for jumping over the frame. My first signature frame had a bent top tube to allow for more room, but once I switched to this frame I noticed no difference between the two because of how the angle of the top tube is. The other main difference is the weight. My first frame was 5lbs and now this new one is around 3.5lbs. The frame is 100% heat treated, which allowed us to use smaller tubes and thinner diameter, but still retaining the strength of heavier frames.

How the hell did your brake lever get shaved down like that?
My leavers get shaved down from kickflips. I try to counter act this with barends on the inside and outside of my grips, but I still grind down the lever. When I do a kickflip I like to have the handle bars touch for a second to help stabilize myself so the lever always wears down.

Do you like to work on your bike? Do you try to keep it dialed at all times?
I love to work on my bike. I think its part of riding. I like to know how things work and how to keep them is good running order. I do try to keep it dialed because flatland is hard enough, and with a bike that isn’t running properly it makes it even harder.

Your bike is super light (I’d guess around 20lbs); is weight important to you and do you intentionally try to get the lightest parts?
I never use to care about weight, but once KHE started hooking me up with the lightest parts on the marked I realized that certain tricks became easier and less strenuous. I could put half the effort into a trrick and get the same outcome. Now I’m all about the light parts because I can ride longer and not feel exhausted when the session is done.

Which parts on your bike have you had the longest and why?
There are a few things on my bike that I haven’t changed in years. I’ve been running the same Bizhouse grips for at least 3 years or more. They make the bars feel solid and I like to feel then when I’m doing a trick. I’ve also been running the same Ares silencer pegs on the front for years also. I like a bigger diameter peg because my feet won’t hurt so much after a long session. My rear pegs I’ve been running for years too. I like the Bizhouse pegs on the back because I do a lot of kickflips and these pegs are really easy on the hands. I’ve tried other ones and I can’t seem to change.