Bike Check: Huffy TL-88

Text and Photos by Jared Souney

The Huffy TL-88 is an impressive bike right out of the box: Profile SS three-piece cranks, an SST Oryg, DK stem and pedals, and a frame designed by the Wildman himself, Todd Lyons.

While it is designed for dirt, the TL-88 will suit you just fine for street or ramps. After some serious dirt abuse, “Barspinnner” Ryan Brennan determined that the TL-88 “will definitely hold up to the abuse an average kid is going to dish out.” Barspinner is about seven-feet-tall and it held up. “The handlebars had a bit of an awkward bend sweep,” said Barspinner. “Kids might want to upgrade the bars.” Barspinner also found the stock 170mm cranks to be a bit short. “I run 182mm’s, so it was really hard to get speed in between jumps.” Once again, Barspinner is pretty tall, so I had some other people feel out the bike. Everyone agreed that the cranks could probably stand to be at least 175mm’s.

One thing we found a bit strange on a bike with such high quality components, is that there is no way to tighten the front hub. The hub came to us with a bit of play in it, and after some phone calls I determined there wasn’t anything we could do about it. Overall, Huffy has done a good job with the small details on this bike, but the ball was dropped with the front hub. If I bought a bike of this caliber, I wouldn’t want to have to ride around with a loose front hub. These days there are a lot of great bikes on the market in the same price range as the Huffy TL-88. If it weren’t for the problems with the front hub, we would have been more impressed with the bike’s performance, but not being able to tighten a loose part is unacceptable to me. With such short crank arms, this bike is definitely set up for short riders, but if you are short, and don’t mind putting up with a loose front wheel, you might consider the TL-88.

Ryan Brennen gets wild at Sheep Hills

Price: $675

Colors: Black

Top Tube Length: 20.5″

Chainstay Length: 15″

Top Tube O.D.: 1.75″

Down Tube O.D.: 2.2″

Head Tube Angle: 74.5

Seat Tube Angle: 72

Misc.: The TL-88 is designed by the Wildman. Todd Lyons. and features 4130 chromoly construction, Profile SS three-piece cranks, DK Iron Cross pedals, and Sun BFR 48 spoke wheels.

Contact: Huffy Bicycle Corporation, 225 Byers Rd. Miamisburg, OH 45342

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