Name: Eddie Cleveland
Age: 22
Current Location: San Francisco

Sponsors: Fit Bike Co., Lotek, Fremont, Mosh Parts, Goods BMX, Bay Game

Frame: Fit Bike Co. Eddie frame
Fork: Fit Blade
Bars: Fit Sky High
Stem: Fit
Grips: Mosh Eddie Grips
Barends: Mosh Plugs
Headset: FSA
Seatpost: Fit
Seat: Fit ECCD
Cranks: Mosh
Sprocket: Mosh
Chain: Shadow
Front Tire: Fit
Front Wheel: Mosh
Rear Tire: Fit
Rear Wheel: Mosh
Pedals: Odyssey Plastic

No, not really. Everything that I ride comes perfect.

Which parts do you go through the most?
Pedals, wheels, tubes.

Describe your bike setup…
I like it simple as possible. Low and light, so that’s what it is.

You are riding a sample of your signature frame from Fit… Describe what you wanted in a frame and what people can expect from it.
I just wanted something simple, low, light, and built for what I do. Tiny dropouts, kicked back seat tube, 3/8″ of an inch lower than a s3 with tapered seat stays.

When will your bike be available, what sizes will it come in, and what colors can we look for?
Early ’08. It comes in army green and flat black with graphics by Adam Roye.

The first time I met you, you took your pegs off and put them back on a few times during the session. Why were you so back-and-forth and what made you go pegless for good?
I was just messing around that day. Pegs are cool. I like watching Chase and Jesse use them, but I’m over them on my bike.

Why do you like your grips so thin?
Good question. I don’t know, just feels good.