Name: Dave Osato
Age: 30
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Sponsors: Wethepeople, Demolition, Vans, Wheels West

Frame: Wethepeople The Chief prototype, 20.6-something head tube, give or take.
Fork: Wethepeople Excalibur
Bars: Wethepeople Grizzly
Stem: Demolition F-1 front-load
Grips: Demolition scented—they smell
Barends: Volume
Detangler: Oryg w/Demolition top plate
Headset: Wethepeople
Seatpost Clamp: Wethepeople supreme 18g
Seatpost: Demolition Johnson
Seat: Wethepeople Warp
Cranks: Demolition Medial, 175mm
Sprocket: Demolition F1, 28-tooth
Chain: KMC. It’s just a cheap one, I don’t go crazy on chains.
Brakes: rear: Demolition w/Kool Stop pads, front: Dia-Compe 990 w/Kool Stop pads. Soon to be Demolition.
Cables: Odyssey Gyro, Oryg top, Demolition front straight cable
Brake Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 77
Front Tire: Demolition 2.0
Front Wheel: Demolition rim, Demolition Bulimia hub, Demolition spokes
Rear Tire: Demolition 1.8
Rear Wheel: Demolition rim, Demolition cassette hub, 10-tooth, Demolition spokes
Pegs: front: Ten Pack titanium, rear: Demolition Team
Pedals: Demolition Team

Explain the name, The Chief.
I was just thinking of a name that would kind of suit me and where I am from, and my roommate came up with The Chief as it is a mountain you can hike up in the town of Squamish. It is cool, if you look at the mountain it actually looks like a chief. Oh yeah, and from the movie called Slap Shot, the hockey team was also called the Chiefs. Good times.

Who is The Chief better suited for: Deaner or Terry or maybe Farrel? Who would give’r the most?
I would have to say both Deaner and Terry, as they could both double each other to the bowling alley for some good times. I could see Deaner givin’r the most straight to the beer store.

What parts do you go through fastest?
I would have to say tires and tubes first, then the parts I always take apart when I travel—like my stem, as I think I crank it down harder every time I take it apart and put it back together. I think the bolts get a little stressed out.

How much time does your bike spend in the kitchen?
I am not sure, but I think it sneaks in there at night to get some snacks, as I sometimes can’t find the good ones.

How do you like to set your bike up?
I like to set it up once, then not have to touch it ’til I really have to. Other than that, I just like to have the brakes smooth and my wheels spin smooth.

Is there any specific reason you run a front-load stem?
No specific reason at all. I run it because Demolition has them for me to run. Now they have a top-load one, so I might try that one out soon.

Tire Pressure?
It all depends what I am riding. If I am on the streets, I let some air out to about 70 or 80 psi so it is a little smoother as it absorbs the concrete. If I am riding the ramps, it has to be around 90 to 100 psi, or when I pump up the tranny it will fell real mushy. I like the tires to feel solid when I am riding the ramps.

What’s the coolest thing this bike has done with you?
Well, the coolest thing this bike and I have done is we just give’r together. You know, when all else fails, you just put your head down and give’r. Give’r, give’r, give’r. That’s it.

What’s one thing this bike just refuses to do for you?
It does not refuse anything, as I am its master. We have a pretty tight relationship.

Any plans of losing the brakes?
Well, I wwould have to say no, as I love doing nosepicks too much. I might forget to put them on when I put together a new bike, but that would only be for a day or so.

Explain why a bike with two brakes and four pegs feels the way it does compared to a bike with one or no brakes and no pegs with everything else set up the same. Why are they so different?
This would be a visual and mental thing. If you are fully loaded, you are looking at levers and pegs all the time and it becomes normal. As soon as you take them off, you almost feel naked, but it feels good as well, as your hands are always death grip, which gives you a lot more control, I think. To me, it just feels like you can maneuver your bike a lot easier. Either way, the less you have on your bike, the more free you feel.

Would The Chief rather cruise around town and get poutine or Canadian nosepick something ridiculously high?
It is a toss up as The Chief loves to do both. I would have to say it would be equal with a slight edge to the nosepicks. I like to get the nosepicks done on the bike, then get rewarded with the poutine.

Any idea what this Chief weighs?
Not exactly, but I know that it is lighter than the Primate, and that was 5.3 lbs. Sweet.

Is light parts and light weight even an option for you, since you’re bigger than a gorilla and can destroy anything you touch?
It is a bit of a concern just because the lighter they are, the easier it is to maneuver. But it has to be able to hold up though. If we find the happy medium, then we are good. I think that is where The Chief comes in.

What is The Chief’s favorite country to ride in?
I would have to say his home country of Canada. It pretty much has everything you could ever want.

What’s up with the gargoyle?
We acquired it from Johanna’s (my lady) storage unit one day, we brought it home, and now it stands guard over the house. The odd time I might get in a wrestling match with it and try to suplex it, but it has some fight in him, as he is real heavy. He has almost put a reverse body slam on me, but I got out of it. Good times, for sure.