Edits have a short lifespan. In an attempt to let them shine a little bit longer, I present The Best Web Videos Ever…This Week: a gathering of the best edits over the last seven days that we (myself, Lino, Jon, and Drew) think you should see at least once, maybe twice.

Connor Lodes – La Vida
Somehow, I still people sleep on Connor, but he absolutely kills it in every video he makes an appearance in. And he does it all with a smile on his face…


VANS France – Tom Deville – Welcome to the Team
Tom kills it. Alex Valentino kills it behind the camera. 


BSD – Kriss Kyle At Home
I’ve said it before, but if I were really good at riding, I’d like to think that I’d ride like Kriss. So much speed and style, along side some pure wildness. I love this edit.


Chase Hawk — Austin, Texas
“Straight up cinematic boner with a side of style hard-on for this Oakley piece of Chase Hawk. Damn you, Joe Simon.”


Nick Bullen – Subrosa Pro Edit
I don’t think this one got the love on the site that I thought it would, but sometimes I feel like a lot of kids these days don’t appreciate straight forward, brutal street riding. Nick Bullen has been killing it for a long time and his welcome to pro edit proves why he got the bump.


Kostya Andreev – Welcome to Superstar
I’ve met Kostya a couple times in Russia and he’s a damn beast, but damn, this edit really shows how well-rounded and absolutely insane he is. Hopefully Kostya makes his way over to the States soon, because he’ll make an impression out here.


Jeff Wescott – Welcome To Mutiny
Jeff has been killing it for so long and seemingly hasn’t gotten the support he deserves, so it’s dope to see him hook up with Mutiny. Good things to come, I’m sure.


Jordan Hickey & Ryan Antle in Florida
Was really feeling this one. Two dudes I’m not familiar with killing it and Paul Pike gets it behind the camera. A good combo.


Emile Bouwman – Spring 2014
A wild intro, huge drops all the way through…I laughed and I cried. Emile is a wild one…


Tyler Fernengel – Markit 2014
Ummmm, god damn. No words necessary.