Start your day with a little flatland magic to get your brain buzzing. Here’s a new one featuring Benjamin Hudson laying down some wild riding during a filming mission in Hungary. Amazing riding and dialed film work. You won’t want to pass this up!

So this is the situation… Our rider Benjamin spent some time in Hungary, so what a great
opportunity to get a video project going with the one and only Sevisual, 5 days of filming with 30 plus degrees in some rough spots and a flight ticket waiting as a deadline…Done Deal.

Ben: "since i started riding one, of my biggest motivation was videos, especially Sevisual ones because of the balance between the riding level and how good the video looked in general. Now 9 years later im in one of them, thats dope" #donedeal

Film & Edit: Sevisual

Music: [ Voice Lance – Blue Utopia ] [ Behind the heartless – Blue Utopia ]

Location: Budapest – Hungary