The Beige Cru coming through with a chill new edit from a session that Ollie Shields, Leroy, Jordan Allepo, Crizzo, James Cunningham, Stickens, and Billy Cooper caught at a DIY spot! Despite the chilly, rainy weather, the bridge provided plenty of cover and they were able to have a good time and stack some clips! Check out what went down!

I ambitiously or ignorantly (whichever way you look at it) dragged everyone to have a final session of the year at one of our favourite parks, near Canterbury in Kent, UK. However, shortly after we turned up we quickly saw that the park looked like it had just been submerged in the sea; so we decided to hit up the marmite of local spots, both loved and hated at the same time by all… All locals have them, it's your typical winter spot where you meet then don't leave and ride it too much.” – Beige Cru / Luke