Alise Post, also known as The Beast”, officially announced her partnership with GW Bicycles earlier today. For the past week there has been plenty of speculation as to whom the mystery brand would be after many teasers were released. Guesses ranged anywhere from Speedco and Ssquared to GT and Stay Strong. Not many threw out GW, but the clues were there to piece together.

As many know, Alise will join Colombian BMX goddess and two-time Olympic Gold medalist Mariana Pajon. These top two women pro riders will certainly added a major face value to the brand. Even more so the possibility of getting more GW shred sleds at tracks here in the states.



The photo above shows a stealthy black GW Serie Elite frame with Post’s signature purple accents. No doubt this colorway will sell itself if it becomes available to the mass market. Either way they nailed it with the look of what could be her new frame.

There are most likely more new sponsors for the Minnesota native that have yet to be released, but I am sure they are on the horizon to who else will round out her support team for the 2017 season and beyond. We certainly know any company would be crazy to not want to sign one of the most marketable female riders our sport has ever seen. Until then, watch out for “the beast” at an upcoming USA BMX national on her new GW colors.

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