When I got the text message from Ben Snowden saying that Playboy TV was dumping a truckload of snow on his backyard ramps so a handful hot, naked chicks could play for a few hours, there wasn’t any way in hell I was missing out on that one…

I showed up to Ben’s bachelor pad in Santa Ana, California, pretty early in the morning and simply sat back and watched a few smokin’ hot girls play in the snow for a few hours, sans clothing, of course. After the production crew packed up and left, one of the models stuck around to watch a riding session and do a little impromptu photo shoot. The following gallery is the result…

If you want to see more of Aiden Ashley, follow her on Twitter. If you decide to Google her name, make sure you aren’t at school or in front of your parents. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

If you want to watch everything that went down in the backyard you’ll have to subscribe to Playboy TV and be on the lookout for a new series called Bad Ass, produced by the same guys who do Fuel TV’s “Built To Shred.”

EDIT: The day after these photos were shot Aiden went street riding with Ben and ate shit really hard. Here’s what she had to say about her crash…
“I got ballsy and tried to jump a big six stair. Handlebars got squirrely on my landing. I flew over them face first into cement…Broke my jaw in 3 places, fractured it in 5. Lost 6 teeth. Had surgery, mouth is wired shut. Need to go through a few more. It’s a really hard time because of my modeling career, so they have to be super careful about the reconstruction. Right now I have a huge support group trying to work on plans for me. Doctors say I’ll make a full recovery and look the same in the end. I just need to get the other surgeries ASAP and quite a few metal plates put in me now.”Aiden Ashley

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Ben is never one to leave out his friends or housemates from a good time...From left to right: Lawrence Werrell, James DiMatteo, Aiden Ashley, Ben Snowden, and Aiden Ashley.


In the background of this photo you'll notice some snow on the ramps and a trampoline...Just a little bit before this photo was shot there were naked girls doing backflips on said trampoline, and snowboarding on said snow.


James DiMatteo peeking through the bushes during a toothpick stall.


Spine to box transfer with a whip over Aiden. Fueled by a Powerbar, Snowden got it done.


Lawrence Werrell doing everything he can to sneak a peek at Aiden while he's riding, even if it means going upside down. Let the terrible jokes begin...


Hey Aiden, sorry about that splinter in your ass. I told Ben to check the spine first, so I blame him. Lawrence Werrell, no-hander.


There may or may not be a turndown going on in this photo. It's hard to tell with so much skin in my face.


Lawrence Werrell whipping that back end. Pun intended, yet poorly executed.


Lawrence letting the hands fly again.


Scott Twiford (shown here doing a nice one-handed table) lives in the garage at Ben's house and was so partied-out from the night before, he literally slept through the entire Playboy TV taping. His loss...trust me. He missed out, big time.


Ben Snowden kicking a top-sided no-footed can-can. See that 10ft quarter in the background, on the other side of the foam pit? Yeah, naked backflips happened off of that...


No model here, just a little fun in the sun and snow...Scott Twiford dropping in from his bedroom roof via an inflatable turtle. Good times!