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Big news dropped just over a week ago with the announcement of the new Advantage Bicycle Corporation. Answer BMX and Ssquared Bicycles owner John Sawyer announced the formation of their new distribution company that will be based out of their home state of Florida. Mike Carruth over at originally reported on the announcement and here is what he had to say…

“In a little less than seven years, John Sawyer has gone from BMX dad and Oldsmar Track Operator to the shot-caller in one of the most important groups of BMX brands in our sport (in addition to his on-going role as BMX dad, Oldsmar Track Operator, and life-long entrepreneur).

BMX News has covered his progression the whole way, from our first article about a new company called Ssquared Bicycles (January 20, 2010), to his acquisition of Answer BMX in October of 2010 and, most recently, acquisition of Clayborn Bicycles on the eve of Interbike 2015.

In that time, Ssquared Bicycles has gone from a startup brand, in the staging area with the hundreds of others BMX Brand startups that cross our path, to a multi-time USA BMX Golden Crank Award Winner. John saved Answer BMX, literally in the final hours of its existence, and turned it around to be more relevant, and more popular than ever.

Through it all, there has never been one "umbrella" structure to his BMX operations–ala "General Motors," with brands under the parent–but now, there will be.

Late yesterday, our "Big Ears" news ticker picked up some talk about some new moves in the Sawyer camp, ultimately leading us to the following release explaining some big headlines in BMX Industry circles.

Here is part of that release:

The owners of ANSWER BMX and Ssquared Bicycles are excited to announce the formation of their new parent company, Advantage Bike Corp (ABC) to oversee operations, branding, and sales of not just those brands but several new brands moving forward. Clayborn Bikes, ANSR Race Wear for the BMX market, and the soon to be released Solution Race Products component brand will all fall under the ownership of Advantage Bike Corporation, to be known as ABC. 

Something you may not have known is that the popular ANSR clothing line, worn by Golden Crank-winning teams Answer-Rennen and the Ssquared Factory Team, flows through ABC to the BMX market.

Another big-news item that the full release (below) reveals is that ABC will become the USA sales and marketing arm for Staats Bicycles and Ciari Parts brands. Staats and Ciari dropped below the radar temporarily after splitting from then-partner Richard Huvard & Co. in the early hours of 2016.

Here's the rest of the official release:

The BMX race market is a very unique and rapidly evolving industry with customers that are extremely brand loyal and demanding of the brands they choose to use. We realize that not every racer out there wants an Ssquared Bike or ANSWER BMX parts, therefore, why not have a "menu" of sorts with different options and styles to support the diverse BMX race market?, stated Ryan Birk of ANSWER BMX.

By offering several different frame and component options and continuing to offer the same level of quality, service, and market branding that people have to come to expect from Ssquared and ANSWER, we feel we now have something to offer everyone, keeping in mind each brand has their own unique style, quality, and image.

We have plans for a new complete line of Ssquared Bicycles complete bikes, the launch of the new Solution parts brand, and new Clayborn frames in the works. We are also happy to work with the owners of Staats Bicycles and Ciari Parts to help them grow their brand. We are also continuing to work with ANSR Motocross to handle the distribution of their race wear in the BMX market globally.

Obviously, by adding these new brands to our portfolio we are looking at the big picture and preparing for significant growth, hence the need to form the ABC Corporation, Birk continued.

Advantage Bike Corporation will remain based in Palm Harbor Florida and plans are in place to increase staff, infrastructure, and resources to complete brand integration for all the separate individual brands. New websites are currently under construction for the new ABC company as well as each individual brands respective website.

No question, there are some big things afoot from John and his crew. We wish our good friends all the best in their expanded footprint, and we can tell you true, that we will bring you all the awesome details of their further progress as it happens.”


Top Photo: John Sawyer (in the blue Ssquared shirt), flanked by his core crew: Michelle Senger, Marissa Caprara, Blake Sawyer and Ryan Birk (just after taking a dip in the pro set gator pit), moments after winning 2015 Golden Crank Bike of the year at the 2015 USA BMX Grands. Courtesy of Carruth