Who are you?

Well, my name is Adam Strieby. I ride BMX bikes for a living, and act like a twelve-year-old occasionally.

Adam Strieby  credit: Buddendeck

How old are you?

That’s classified stuff. I go up against 14-year-olds; you can’t give out that kind of information!

Where are you from?

I live in Syracuse, Indiana. I was born there, my family lives there, my great, great, great grandfather was born there, and our trails are there, so that’s definitely where I call home. Lately I’ve been a bit of a vagabond, though. Last year I was on the road over two hundred and fifty days, so it was crazy.

Who flows you?

Redline Bicycles, Pryme Gear, Airwalk Shoes, Dan’s Comp, and R&R Fitness. They’re the ones that support my habit, and then team Redline is sponsored by Tioga, Alex, Koolstop, Promax, Lizardskins, Sportslink, and Nintendo.

What was it like growing up in Indiana and riding BMX?

Looking back, there was nothing to do in Indiana. But when we were kids, we thought that there was everything to do. My brothers and I didn’t know there was anything to complain about. We were barefoot, tough, and creative when it came to having fun. We used to get pretty extreme with our dad’s wheelbarrow and later we discovered bikes. After that, our hands were on the handlebars, so it was all good. When I was eight, I told my grandma that I was going to be a stunt biker someday. Around that same time we started the trails in our backyard. The trails are still there, and in fact, they’re better than ever.

Adam Strieby will soon be building his own private training facility so he can come up with even crazier tricks.

Did you start racing or dirt jumping first?

We started building little wood ramps, actually, and then a track opened up around us so we started racing. It all started at about the same time.

How did you make the switch from racing to freestyle?

Who’s been spreading that rumor around?

I still race: Remember, I got National #1 in class just a year ago.

Do you prefer racing or dirt jumping?

I’d have to say jumping, for sure. I enjoy a good day at the trails more than anything. Second to that would be pure street riding with a group of friends.

You seem to be driven to come up with newer and bigger variations and tricks. What drives you to kill yourself repeatedly to come up with something new?

You only have one life and two knees…blow ’em out! Just kidding, I made that saying up last week, so I had to use it. You know, to sound tough. I really don’t have an answer to that question. It’s just the way I am.

Is innovating a new trick really something that is important to you, or do you just work on things as they come along?

Well, it’s important to me, because I want to be in one of the new bike video games, so I figure if I can beat the game in real life, maybe someone will put me in one. Seriously though, when you spend a lot of time on the bike, innovation just happens. I also spend a lot of time working stuff out in my head, then I take it to the dirt.

What kind of feeling do you get when a new idea comes to you?

I don’t know.

What about when you finally pull it?

You can’t beat the feeling of accomplishment after doing something no other human has ever done. I’m usually alone though, because I work oout all my tricks by myself down at the trails, so no one is around when I first pull them. Sometimes even my brothers don’t know what I’m doing. But working on something for a long time and finally pulling it…yeah, that’s a good feeling.

Is getting to name the trick something that you get a kick out of?

I don’t look at it as a solemn responsibility. So yeah, it’s fun. Have you ever thought about the names of some of the tricks we do?

Like the “one handed x-up?

” It’s descriptive, but plain. I realize some tricks do have to receive the descriptive tag, but others are wide open to name. So I like to give them inventive names.

You just bought some land and are in the process of building a new house. We know that family is important to you, is it close to your parents’ place?

Yeah, it’s only a couple miles from the Strieby homestead. The land that I’m buying is a rolling meadow, with pine trees and an apple orchard surrounding it. It’s also the highest point in county #43, so I can’t go wrong.

Do you have big plans for it?

What about the yard?

I’m thinking about building a jump right on the highest point. That way we’ll be able to jump higher than anyone in the county. As for the house, it will be small, comfortable, and clean. And yes, there will be trails.

Are you going to design a special jump to learn big tricks on?

No. Oh wait, maybe I will. I’ll import some soft, exotic, dirt from Italy, paint it neon yellow, and… No.