Next up from Sunday Bikes amazing “Grow Up” DVD is street legend Aaron Ross. Aaron comes hard with his signature technical/burly style that we have all come to expect. There are lots of highlights in here but the rail to 180 to fakie hop rail is an absolute stand out to me. Fakie hop to rail is no joke. To be able to put that into a line is next level. As always I am super envious of his ability to half cab and barspin over tall rails. Click play now!

“Aaron Ross has been steady killing it as a top pro BMXer for more than a decade. That’s an impressive feat for any rider, but damn near unthinkable for someone who works as hard as Aaron. Check out his domination of the Grow Up crash trailer or his substantial contribution to the wrecks section in the Grow Up bonus, or just take my word for it – Aaron gives it his all. The physical and emotional anguish he endures for some of these clips is nothing short of breathtaking. But Aaron won’t be stopped, and he’s always willing to push himself to the limit to get done what he knows he can get done. “

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